E-Cig Starter Kits

If you are looking into getting yourself a starter kit then you have come to the right place, we have some of the best available in the UK to buy online.

Pro Starter Kit (in Colors)

Pro Starter Kit (in Colors) View

Custom Vaporizer Builder

Custom Vaporizer Builder View

Air Starter Kit

Air Starter Kit View

Pro Starter Kit

Pro Starter Kit View

Express Starter Kit

Express Starter Kit View

Platinum Pro Starter Kit

Platinum Pro Starter Kit View

Pulse Starter Kit

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Rocket Starter Kit

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Rebel II Starter Kit

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VOX II MOD Starter Kit

VOX II MOD Starter Kit View

Best E-Cig starter packs

It’s important that smokers try to quit now - it’s never too late to pack in the fags and move on to electronic cigarettes. Around 5.4 million people per year die from smoking related illnesses, and all of the pain and heartache could be prevented with the help of these electronic devices .

Beginners Electronic Cigarette Kits

The reasons why people decide to e-cigarette smoking will vary. You want to cut down or just plain quit smoking for good, with an e-cig there are some public places you are allowed to enjoy an e-cigarette. Or maybe you're a "social smoker" and you only smoke when enjoying a drink? We have several starter kits that quickly your own e-cigarette experience you gain. The starter kits you can find the following in a pack (some models may vary):

  • One or more Clearomizers
  • One or more batteries
  • A USB charger and or a Charger Case
  • A stylish case to store your e-cigarette and transport
  • A manual.

Starter kits are available in different price ranges and assemblies. Something for everyone! Depending on your preference and budget.

Ymake sure your e-cigarette give off the appearance you want. Try and be cool by combining different colors with the clearomizer and battery, for a beautiful print to choose combined with different colour tanks, or chic and elegant by choosing a black, gold or silver model.

Advanced Starter Kits

We also have available a good choice of experianced starter kits which includes more advanced features compaired to a complete beginners starter kit. If it is a variable high-voltage e-cig kit you are after then I would reccomend a advanced starter kit. If you are a new user we would reccomend just sticking to a starter kit for beginners not the advanced kit until you get to know your vap pen.