There are many different different flavors of e-cig liquid, browse all the different flavours we have available below to buy.

UK Made E-Liquids

Banana Milkshake

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Blackcurrent Squash

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Pure Menthol

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Real Coffee

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Real Raspberry

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Real Vanilla

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Spearmint View

Strawberry Chew

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Standard E-Liquid Range


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Cappuccino E-Liquid)

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UK E-Liquid available

There are many different brands of e-liquid and within the brands many different flavors. One of the first questions will surely be: "Which E-Liquid suits my needs and what flavors I will try first?". It is virtually impossible to say: "Try them all out and even then you find something delicious." Therefore, there is simply too much available.

Taste is very personal. What for is a delightful, for others maybe not at all tasty. Also, check out this page of links to E-Liquid producers / brands Some brands do provide more than 100 flavors. In general, the E-Liquids are divided into the following three main groups: Tobacco flavors Fruit flavors Additional flavors One thing is for sure!

There is no e-liquid that tastes exactly like your own familiar classical cigarette brand. However, do not see this as a disappointment. Many people who have given up smoking Classical say after a while that the vapor tastes much better and find it an excellent alternative. Also in quality and price, there is much difference. There is cheap e-liquid available that tastes good and is expensive E-liquid available that tastes even better. And sometimes you may be wondering whether those expensive E-Liquid was well worth the money. As mentioned before, very personal taste. But there is plenty of choice for E-Liquid and you're sure to find a lot of tasty flavors.

Choosing a flavour

I would recommend choosing early for some milder tobacco flavors. These flavors approaching pretended tobacco flavor of your cigarette and that's where most novice dampers are looking for. Later you can of course try everything else you seem nice. There is enough! E-Liquid is available in the Netherlands in 10 ml or smaller packages. In many of the other countries E-Liquid can still be obtained in larger containers such as 15 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml and some suppliers also offer 50 ml and 100 ml.

The larger the volume, the lower the price. It saves the bottle with child resistant closure, labeling, filling and so on. Some vendors also offer trial packages with bottles of 5 ml. This is very useful if you're still looking for your flavors.