There are many different different flavors of e-cig juice, browse all the different flavours we have available below to buy.

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Finding the Best Vape Juice Flavor

Upon exploring the many options available in vaping, one of the first questions a new vaper will ask surely is: "Which vape juice suits my needs and what flavors should I try first?’ It is virtually impossible to say: "Try them all out, and then you’ll find something that suits your taste." There are just too many options and choices in e-liquids out there to experience, especially when you’re aiming to try a single vape juice flavor first. Taste is very personal; it varies from one individual to another. And with e-juice brands coming out with new flavors every day, it is really important to learn what your options are, and what appeals to you.

Finding the Best Vape Juice Brand

So first things first, you’ve got to try some stuff to see what you like. Some brands do provide more than 100 flavors; VaporFi , a fan favorite across the world, offers custom blended vape juice flavors and a wide array of flavor blends. In fact, their total possibilities exceeds 30,000 vape juice combinations! Check out their custom blender here.

In general, e-liquids are divided into the following main groups: Tobacco, Fruit, Menthol, Dessert and “Other” vape juice flavors.

It’s important to know ahead of time, though, that there is no e-juice that tastes exactly like your own familiar classical cigarette brand, but some do come close. However, don’t view this as a disappointment, as so many choices lie ahead to open up opportunities for new experiences. Many vapers who have given up smoking find that after a while, vapor tastes much better and find it an excellent, enjoyable alternative to the blandness of smoke. Also in quality and price, there is so much difference and affordability to be found in vaping e-liquids. Plenty of inexpensive and delicious vape juices are available, in addition to many delicious, higher-end options; whatever your budget is, you can find a great juice to fit it.

Choosing a Vape Juice Flavor

When first starting out, Vapour Trail recommends choosing a tobacco vape juice - opt for menthol e-liquid if that’s what you’re used to though. After you get the feel of it, definitely start exploring everything else you’re interested in. There are more than enough choices to please your palate! Check out VaporFi’s Tobacco Vape Juices and Menthol Vape Juices.