E-Cig Tanks in Rigdom

Atomizer, Clearomizer and tanks are just some different names for the same product often. The Atomizer is the component that ensures the combustion of the liquid. In most cases, this is combined with the tank where you can refill your liquid.

Crystal Tanks

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Nova Tanks

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KR-808 VOX Tanks

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KR-808 Mini V3i Tanks

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510 Evod 2

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510 Protank 3

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510 Mini Protank 3

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510 Aero / Geni Tank

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510 Crystal Tanks

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510 Nova Tanks

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Best E-Cig tanks online

If you are looking for the best e-cig, vaporizer, or mod tanks available, look no further than VaporFi They carry a great selection of items geared towards those who are interested in high quality items that don’t take a whole lot of time to work well.

What Are Atomizers?

The atomizer is the component that produces the vaporizing of the e-liquid. In most cases, this is combined with the tank where you can refill your liquid. This is a consumable item that should be replaced regularly. The lifespan of an Atomizer is difficult to predict. Thus, the quality of the atomizer and the manner of use severely impact on longevity, and there isn’t a hard-fast rule on how long they will last. Some vapers find that after 2 weeks a new Atomizer is required, and then there are those, who after 6 weeks have an atty still going strong fine.


There are already hundreds if not thousands of clearomizers on the market, and we always suggest purchasing from a top-quality, reputable retailer. What defines a clearomizer is a glass or plastic tank with a clear body, allowing you to see the liquid at all times. These are known to be handy, and some of the best ones out there are mini-sized, and they are much easier to use than cartridges.

Buy Vape Tanks

Vape tanks are the best way to have your liquid held for use with your vaporizer or vape mod, and there are many choices out there. The most popular are sub ohm tanks and those that utilize a modern coil configuration, and offer ease of filling. Depending on your level of knowledge on what’s available, you have plenty of options for creating the kind of vaporizing you’re after with the right tank. Whether you want an RDA, a more basic tank, a high-powered low-resistance sub ohm tank like the VaporFi Rocket 3 tank, a smaller or a larger vape tank, you can get the ideal for the type of vaping you’re after quite easily.

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